The foldable iPhone

But the iPhone won’t be the only foldable. The iPad may be the first of Apple’s devices to bend to the trend within the next two years.

Foldable iPad 

Analysts say a foldable Apple device is coming, but the iPhone may not be the first to fold.
Pricing might be one of the biggest hurdles to bringing a product like this to market. A survey found that while people are interested in a foldable Apple device, they’re willing to spend a maximum $600 more for it (compared to the price of a non foldable phone). That’s less than the cost of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s ill-fated foldable phone, which was $2,000 at launch (it’s currently not available).

TouchID could make a comeback

For the past few months, we’ve been hearing plenty of rumors about a return of the screen-embedded fingerprint sensor in the iPhone. One rumor talked about the possibility of having this TouchID complement FaceID as another form of biometric authentication, while another suggested it would replace FaceID altogether to cut down on costs for a cheaper iPhone alternative.
We got more evidence supporting the comeback rumor, but now it’s looking like we may have to wait a bit longer to get TouchID back.

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