The best Homy accessories to protect your iPhone 📱

  If you own an iPhone 📱, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to accessories. You can get cases in any color, style, and material. There is an endless array of lightning cables, memory expansion gadgets, screen protectors, and iPhone-related paraphernalia available for you to buy. It can be downright overwhelming.

Which accessories do you actually need for protection? 🛡️

Anti Blue Light screen Protector 👀

  So-called blue light from phone screens can have a variety of effects on humans, including keeping us up at night. Rather than using a software-based filter that tints the screen, why not buy a screen protector that directly blocks the harmful light? That’s the idea behind the Homy. This protector uses a special layer to filter out the troublesome light, meaning it never even leaves the screen, and can’t affect you. It doesn’t change the look of the screen, it’s as strong as a normal glass protector, and comes with a 100 percent clarity rating.


Privacy screen protector 🤥

  If you value your privacy, you have information that needs protecting, or even if you just bank on your mobile, having a screen protector that protects your privacy is a must. Homy  Privacy screen protector fades to black when viewed at any angle other than head-on, making it harder for snoopers to spy on your screen. Homy also claims it’s been hardened at a molecular level and is 40 percent thinner than other glass protectors. 


Full protection kit 📲

  If you’re looking for phone protection, one of your first stops should be Homy full Screen Protection Kit  . But why stop there? We also provides a pretty great glass screen protector. Our tempered-glass screen protector has a hardness of 9H that helps resist scratches and chips. It’s treated with an oleophobic coating that stops oily fingerprints from marring your view and prevents minor scratches. It works perfectly with all of cases, and it’s easy to apply.


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