Keeping it real

How to avoid counterfeit products

Don’t be fooled by fakes

When you buy a genuine Homy’s product, you’re also buying the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your purchase is backed by warranties. These warranties “guarantee product quality and protect you if your product needs to be replaced,” while counterfeit and knock-off products do not.

But perhaps most importantly, phony products can function poorly and can even damage your device. Repairs can be costly and time-consuming, and quickly offset any savings you thought you were making by buying a cheaper version.

Here are some pictures of real HomyBox with screen protection

Homy international
products Homy international
story of Homy international

Homy international
products Homy international
story of Homy international

Before You buy

Homy products are made of the highest quality materials and put through rigorous quality assurance testing to meet the standards our customers deserve. To avoid the potential hazards of counterfeit products, here are some key things to look out for:

If it seems like too good of a deal, it probably is. Be suspicious of massive markdowns on “Homy” products. If the packaging has spelling errors, is damaged, or seems incomplete in any way, it is probably a fake. is one of our trusted and respected retailers, but be careful and check the company name before you buy.

Please check the company name right under the buttons “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now”. If you want to buy a Branded product (not a fake), then the company name is “Homy international“. If you purchase from any other reseller, you could be getting a counterfeit.

Sold by Homy International

Please check the company name before purchasing!

Where to buy

The easiest way to ensure your Homy product is genuine is to purchase it right here on or through one of our authorized retailers.

We are continuously focusing on being innovative and deliver new and relevant screen protection for iPhones, MacBooks, Laptops, Accessories and Anti Blue Light protection.