YouTube is widely rolling out PiP for iPhone and iPad

YouTube announced last June that Picture-in-Picture (PiP) was coming to its iPhone and iPad apps. And wide availability is now just a few days away for Premium subscribers globally and free users in the United States.

YouTube is now ready to widely launch PiP support “over the next several days” for devices running iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 or higher.

Once rolled out to your phone or tablet, there will be a “Picture-in-picture” toggle under Settings > General, while YouTube Premium will still offer background play where you just hear audio without any video. 

YouTube PiP availability

In terms of availability, all paying YouTube Premium members on iPhone and iPad around the world “will have access to PiP for all content, (both music and non-music).”

  • To turn on the feature, go to Settings > General in your YouTube app and turn-on Picture-in-picture. If you don’t turn on PiP, you’ll still be able to use background play by default (based on your feedback from our experiments)!

In the United States, PiP is available to free users but only for “non-music content,” while advertising will continue to show.

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iPhone not charging? Here are 6 ways to fix it

iPhones use a Lightning cable to charge which is reversible so you can use either side of the cable. And if you have an iPhone 8 or later you can also charge wirelessly.

Below we’ll cover the most common issues that can keep your iPhone from charging as designed.

iPhone not charging: 6 solutions

  1. Make sure your iPhone isn’t overheated or too cold
    • 32º to 95º F is the ambient temperature range suited for iPhone, let it cool down or warm up if it’s too hot or cold
  2. Try charging with the reverse side of the Lightning cable that you normally use with a power adapter plugged into a wall outlet you’re certain is working
    • Apple says you may need to leave it plugged in for 30 minutes, but you’ll normally see if it’s charging within 5-10 minutes of being plugged in
  3. If it’s still not charging, try a second cable/power adapter if you have one and/or a different outlet
  4. Check the Lightning port for build-up or debris
    • Use a magnifying glass or another iPhone camera if you need help seeing inside the port
    • If you do see lint, debris, etc. be careful removing it as the charging pins can be damaged – gently using a plastic dental pick can be effective – the charging pins are located on the bottom side of the Lightning port
    • If you’re not comfortable cleaning out the charging port, take your iPhone to an Apple Store, Apple Authorized Service Provider, or get in touch with Apple Support
  5. See if your iPhone charges with a wireless charger
  6. Force restart your iPhone then plug it in for 30 minutes
    • iPhone 8 or later and iPhone SE 2/3: Press and quickly release the volume up button. Press and quickly release the volume down button. Press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.
    • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: Press and hold both the side (or top) button and the volume down button until you see the Apple logo.
    • iPhone 6s or earlier and iPhone SE (1st gen): Press and hold both the side (or top) button and the Home button until you see the Apple logo.

iPhone only charges to 80%?

If you notice your iPhone stops charging at 80%, that’s actually a feature called optimized battery charging that helps reduce battery aging. But it is possible to turn off the feature.

Head to the Settings app > Battery > Battery Health > and toggle off Optimized Battery Charging.

Thanks for reading our guide on what to do if you find your iPhone not charging!

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iOS 16 release date: When does developer and public beta and official release come out?

The next major update for iPhone is iOS 16 and we’re close to seeing Apple reveal the features and changes that will arrive with the new software.

There are several launches when it comes to the iOS 16 release date including the developer beta, public beta, and the official public debut. Here’s what to expect…
iOS could include iPhone upgrades and changes for notifications, Messages, health features, an always-on lock screen, and more. Meanwhile, iPadOS could bring an all-new multitasking UI.

iOS 16 developer beta release date

As long as Apple doesn’t change its yearly tradition, the iOS16 developer beta should become available on June 6 following the WWDC 2022 keynote.

This build isn’t designed for just anyone to run and isn’t recommended (especially early versions) to install on a primary iPhone. Access to the iOS 16 developer beta requires a paid Developer account with Apple.

Public beta

Last year the iOS 15 public beta came just over three weeks after the first developer beta. That provides some time for the initial bugs and issues to be ironed out before a bigger group of people try out the new software.

With WWDC and the first iOS16 dev release expected on June 6, that means we could see the first iOS public beta in late June or if it’s pushed back further, early July.

iOS 16 release date: When does iOS 16 come out?

  1. iOS16 developer beta – expected June 6 release at WWDC
  2. iOS16 public beta – expected end of June or early July
  3. iOS16 public release – expected in September

If Apple ends up doing its iPhone event on September 13, we could see the official iOS16 release date land on September 19 this year.

Share your thoughts down in the comment section.

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A redesign to the MacBook Air 2022

A redesign is coming to the 2022 MacBook Air

Ever since Apple introduced the 24-inch iMac, rumors about a redesigned MacBook Air were certain. Then, when the company introduced a brand new MacBook Pro last November, it became clear that the Air would be the next one to be revamped.
While analysts Ross Young and Ming-Chi Kuo first believed Apple could add miniLED to this computer, they now say the company will remain with an LCD panel. Even though, a redesign is still expected with white bezels and colorful options.

MagSafe should be back, but ports limited

While Apple brought back all the important ports to the 2021 MacBook Pro, it does not seem as if the company will be that generous with the 2022 MacBook Air. Rumors so far say Apple will add two Thunderbolt ports for this machine, one on each side.

M2 chip debuts with the MacBook Air

Apple said it will no longer introduce another M1 chip. That statement opens the path for the second-generation Mac processors. Naturally, rumors talk about the M2 chip. This processor is rumored to be faster than the base M1 model, but not as powerful as the M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 Ultra.
Rumors also talk about the possibility of an improved FaceTime HD camera with 1080p resolution – since the 2020 MacBook Air still features an HD webcam. The battery will likely be as good as the first M1 model, but it’s been a while since we last heard about this upcoming computer.
What are your thoughts on this Mac?

Share your thoughts down in the comment section.

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The foldable iPhone

But the iPhone won’t be the only foldable. The iPad may be the first of Apple’s devices to bend to the trend within the next two years.

Foldable iPad 

Analysts say a foldable Apple device is coming, but the iPhone may not be the first to fold.
Pricing might be one of the biggest hurdles to bringing a product like this to market. A survey found that while people are interested in a foldable Apple device, they’re willing to spend a maximum $600 more for it (compared to the price of a non foldable phone). That’s less than the cost of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s ill-fated foldable phone, which was $2,000 at launch (it’s currently not available).

TouchID could make a comeback

For the past few months, we’ve been hearing plenty of rumors about a return of the screen-embedded fingerprint sensor in the iPhone. One rumor talked about the possibility of having this TouchID complement FaceID as another form of biometric authentication, while another suggested it would replace FaceID altogether to cut down on costs for a cheaper iPhone alternative.
We got more evidence supporting the comeback rumor, but now it’s looking like we may have to wait a bit longer to get TouchID back.

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The best smartphones of 2021

The best smartphones come in both iOS and Android. Maybe you want a flagship phone that is the best of the best out there. You might be looking for something more moderately priced that is the right fit for budget and features. Most of the phones on this list have 5G, but some don’t. Most of the phones on this list have multiple camera sensors, but some of them don’t. We have a wide range of phones here that can fit your needs. Which phone will be best for you? Read on to find out.

Samsung Galaxy S21

The top of the line for the Samsung line of smartphones is the Galaxy S21 series, which comes in three flavors, the S21, the S21 Plus, and the S21 Ultra.
The Samsung Galaxy S21 has a 6.2-inch FHD+ screen at 120Hz with great viewing angles. The Snapdragon 888 processor is the top of the line from Qualcomm, which is about 9% faster than the previous generation of Samsung smartphones.
On the camera front, Samsung still packs a great set of optics. There’s a 12-megapixel main sensor, a 12-megapixel ultrawide sensor, and a 64-megapixel telephoto zoom lens at 3X. They are very adept at capturing excellent detail in ample lighting, but still capable of producing very good low-light results in most scenarios. Samsung has a tendency to punch up its photos, and that’s definitely true here: the vibrant results sometimes make photos look more appealing, but can occasionally look a bit unnatural or over-brightened.” All told, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is one of the best smartphones you can buy today.

Apple iPhone 12

On the Apple side, the iPhone 12 is the latest and greatest from Apple. New to the iPhone this year is a great design and 5G technology. The iPhone’s design is a throwback to the iPhone 4’s squared-off design, and it looks really sharp in 2021. The A14 Bionic chip is a beast and on benchmarks scores even higher than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. We’d also like to see a charging brick in the box.
The camera setup on the iPhone 12 includes a 12-megapixel sensor for both the main and the ultra-wide cameras. The colors are balanced on both sensors meaning you find very little color variation between the two cameras. Our reviewer writes, “loads of detail, well-judged colors, and effortless adaptability to all scenarios. Even night shots turn out well, maintaining a surprising amount of detail without looking washed out in the process of brightening up a dark moment.”

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The absolute top of the class for the Samsung Galaxy S21 line is the S21 Ultra. You’ll get the same performance you get with the Galaxy S21 we detailed above. The phone itself is huge, with a 6.8-inch screen and a 5,000 mAh battery. That gives you great battery life but also fills up every inch of your pants pocket. You will not want to ride roller coasters with this phone.
The phone is also quite expensive. Adding insult to injury, you will not get you a charger in the box.

There are four cameras on the back. You’ve got a 108MP main camera, a 12 MP Ultrawide, and two 10 MP optical zoom lenses at 3x and 10x. The main difference between the S21 and the S21 Ultra is the optical zoom lenses, and they are awesome. If you’re someone who values zoom photography or videography, or even astrophotography, this is simply the best smartphone camera you can get.

Apple iPhone SE (2020)

Leading the pack in the value phone space is the iPhone SE (2020). This is a tiny little powerhouse that carries the A13 Bionic processor from the iPhone 11. It was Apple’s flagship processor at the time and it’s surprising to come in such a small and affordable package. From a benchmark perspective, the A13 Bionic beats out even 2021 flagships like the Galaxy S21. The iPhone SE boasts all of the power of the iPhone 11 including the same RAM and storage options but has just a 4.7-inch display and TouchID-enabled home button. Apple also included a single 12MP camera which is as good as a single camera can be in this day and age.

Some call the design of the iPhone SE dated since it apes the iPhone 6. But the iPhone SE is mostly for people who don’t want a gigantic phone and who still want a fingerprint sensor without giving up everything that makes the iPhone 11 great. For the most part, this is a mission accomplished. Apple had to leave 5G out of the phone, and wouldn’t debut a 5G phone until six months later in the iPhone 12. 

The battery life is also not the greatest on this phone. The smaller battery has trouble making it through the day, but it does offer wireless charging which is a nice bonus not often seen in this form factor.

Google Pixel 4a Review

Google Pixel phones are well known for their camera proficiency including AI-enhanced photos and neat tricks like astrophotography. Moreover, Google Pixel phones are Google’s best foot forward when it comes to how Android “should be.” Google also sweetens the pot with periodic Feature Drops which add little extras like AI-powered call screening. The A-series of Pixels tend to be a little lighter in power, but beyond that, they give you a great Android experience.

The Google Pixel 4a is no exception. The Snapdragon 730G is a mid-range processor that’s paired with 6GB of RAM. by itself it won’t blow you away, but Android runs super smooth on the device and delivers all-day battery life and solid performance. As for the single camera, our reviewer Andrew writes, “the one camera here is so consistent that I’d take it over the multi-camera modules of much more expensive phones with underwhelming cameras.”
For now, at under $350 the Pixel 4a is one of the best phones you can buy at that price point. If you love pure Android and you’re working with a budget, snap this up fast.

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Browser you should never use on your MacBook

A more private browser may not be the fastest, and vice versa, so it’s important to first determine what matters to you most. When you are deciding on the best browser to use on your MacBook, you’re usually attempting to balance privacy with efficiency. There are a few browsers that always rank higher on tech experts’ lists when asked to pinpoint the one browser they never use. We spoke with experts about the one browser they consistently skip when working or playing on their MacBooks — this is what they had to say. 

Google Chrome

If privacy is of the utmost importance to you, we suggest skipping Google Chrome altogether. 

“Never use Google Chrome on your iOS device to ensure your privacy is respected and maintained,”. “The browser suggests protecting your privacy, but at the same time, it mines your data to sell you more material.”

Another reason that do not need to use Chrome is “the introduction of FLOC (Federated Learning of Cohorts). A secret algorithm that keeps track of the websites you visit and your online activity to assign you to a new group,”. “The idea is terrible as there are fears that the anonymized group IDs and IP Addresses. Will soon be recognized by third parties and used for targeted marketing and selling.”


Unlike Chrome, whose tabs are all under one session, with a browser like Safari, browsing initiated in one tab is isolated from browsing started in another, which stops websites from tracking your web activity. “Safari also blocks third-party cookies in its normal mode, a feature that’s not applicable in Chrome. Besides, since Safari is the stock browser on every iOS device, there is no excuse to use Chrome”.

But somepeople doesn’t necessarily agree. Because the choice of a browser is so personal, there may not be a one-size-fits-all option.


“Safari will give you the worst browsing experience. Because the developers won’t really be sure about the usage. As they will release features to the beta versions that have not yet been 100% tested or approved for an official release,” . Is convenience your primary concern, or is it privacy?”

Preferred browser for MacBook is Brave browser, due to the fact that it loads pages fast. You can block cross-site trackers, automatically upgrade connections to HTTPS, and block scripts. You can even block cross-site cookies and cross-site recognition. There are even global shield settings that you can customize.”

The browser you choose will be a personal decision, but keep in mind: they aren’t all one and the same – doing your homework on browsers ensures you’ll find one that meets your specific requirements for speed and privacy. 

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Homy Full Protection for MacBook Pro 13 inch 2020-2021

✔️ COMPLETE PROTECTION — Protect your 13 inch MacBook from scratches, dust and damage with this 11 PCS set!


  • 2 Screen Protectors (Matte&Glare)
  • 1 Clear MacBook Pro Keyboard Protector
  • 1 TrackPad Cover
  • 1 Touch Bar Cover, 1 Webcam Anti-Spy Sliding Covers
  • 5 Anti-Dust Port Protectors.

⚠️ REDUCE NEGATIVE BLUE LIGHT – to relieve eye-strain and insomnia, choose the anti-glare matte surface, which blocks blue light and reduces visible glare and reflection. To enjoy beautifully crisp image quality, choose the glossy surface.

🔎 DESIGNED IN USA – designed in the USA and engineered for optimal workability. Each piece in this MacBook Pro keyboard cover touch bar kit features the highest quality materials, strong adhesive capacities, and residue-free removal from your device.

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Must-have iPhone apps you can’t miss! Part 2


PopFaces is one of the best iPhone apps that help you get relevant information on any celebrity in a fraction of seconds. The app uses real identification technology in real-time. By downloading this app, you can browse the list of celebrities, and once you find the celebrity of your interest, click on the name and get the information instantly.

In this way, you can save a lot of time for yourself as you don’t have to go through multiple websites to check that information. So, what are you waiting for? Just download this must have app for iPhone and get going!


  • The app saves a lot of time for users by providing information on celebrities instantly
  • Enjoy the element of a game challenge with your friends and family
  • It will keep you engaged and interested and ensure data security
  • You can even add your own profile for self-promotion
  • You can check what celebrity you look alike


This is one of the must-have iPhone applications that you can install to have safe and protected VPN data encryption. This app ensures that your browsing and data access is kept secure and private in all manners. 

This is one of the best iPhone apps to protect you from data hacks. For better information, you can take a look at this app’s popularity on prominent iOS app review websites.


  • Provides the user with an Ad-free experience
  • No data log is saved from the users
  • No registration or login needed
  • Provides simple one-tap connect to VPN
  • Let’s you automatically connect with the VPN server
  • Protects your device when it’s connected to cellular data, public Wi-Fi, etc
  • Detects your location and connects you with the nearest server

Tab – The simple bill splitter

It’s become a tendency among friends to split the bills when we go outside to eat. Many times, you also felt it daunting to split the bill equally among all. Tab – The simple bill splitter is one of the best apple apps that make it easier to figure out who needs to pay what amount after the meal.


  • Split the meal amount simply clicking a picture of the bill 
  • It automatically detects all the items in the bill
  • Everyone who has Tab has access to join the same bill which lets them select the items they ordered
  • One or more people can select the same item if they equally shared that
  • Tips and tax can also be easily distributed automatically
  • Even on someone’s birthday, the bill of birthday boy/girl will be evenly distributed to everyone else
  • Helps individuals view and share the summary of the previous bills

1Blocker X

Everyone loves uninterrupted browsing on their smartphones. And if we talk about iPhone users, they are more concerned about getting seamless browsing experience on their owned devices. Here comes the 1Blocker X iPhone app in the picture which is the best browsing alternative and acts as a content blocker for Safari.


  • It’s optimized for Safari and improves iPhone users browsing experience by blocking ads and trackers
  • Makes site load faster up to 2x
  • 1Blocker X is secure and designed 
  • It blocks annoying ads
  • Protect browsing content online 
  • Regional adblock regulation for specific countries
  • User-friendly editors to create custom content blocking rules
  • Face ID/Touch ID protection

The aforementioned list of best iPhone apps is accumulated after in-depth market research. These are the best new applications for iPhone and are worth installing by iPhone users. Just to facilitate you with the exceptional apps, we have picked top iOS applications from different categories.

Try them for your iPhone devices and start experiencing a new world with exceptional services.

Must-have iPhone apps you can’t miss!

The reality is, that Apple App Store possesses several hidden gems that are brilliantly developed and have the potential to serve you with the best services. We save you from the hassle of exploring and scrolling through millions of apps from the apps store and have listed some of the best-underrated apps in the iOS store that will definitely secure a spot to your iPhone device as your go-to tools.


IFTTT is an Applet, growing as one of the best apps for iOS, which is specifically designed to connect over 600+ apps like Twitch, Google Drive, Twitter, Telegram, Weather Underground, Instagram, and further devices like Amazon Alexa, and Google Home of your iPhone device. 

Download this most popular iPhone app or program which helps users integrate with third-party apps and their functions. 


  • Admired as one of the best free apps for iOS, it lets you control everything with your voice
  • Keeps you informed about what’s trending from famous publications
  • Always makes you prepared for the weather with daily forecast alerts
  • Sends Automatic message to your friend when you’re near a local shop
  • Keeps you safe with timely and automated security notifications
  • Streamlines your social media networks
  • Backup photos, important files, and documents on the cloud storage servers.


Users consider it as one of the best free iPhone apps that quickly blocks annoying robocalls,  telemarketing, spam, and calls. Use this app to bring peace to your life by getting rid of the phone scammers. 


  • Provides real-time protection from around 800, 000 robocallers, phone scammers and telemarketers
  • Potential to identify over 1200+ robocallers 
  • Extended privacy standards to keep your call records protected
  • Important robocalls including weather alerts and school closing can be easily identified and attended
  • Instantly identify and block robocalls (optional)
  • Protect your phone from text spam and phishing attempts
  • Listen to thousands of robocalls through database access
  • Option to block “neighbor spoofed” calls.

YouCam Video

YouCam Video, one of the best iphone apps, allows users to edit portrait-style footage using extensive features such as makeup editor, hair color changer, face shaping, filters, and photo effects, which can be added in seconds with a single tap. This must have app for iphone also includes a wide selection of striking AR effects to amplify your video content with a tap, and quick and easy social sharing helps you share to Snapchat, TikTok, and more with the tap of a button.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Instant filter options
  • Use augmented reality (AR) real-time makeover tool
  • Enjoy beauty enhancement tools using YouCam Video maker
  • Option to change the background image
  • Edit facial features instantly


Instead of searching the list of shows and TV shows through browsers, download this one of the amazingly developed and the best free iPhone apps which lets you find out where to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. Installing this single one of the top free iPhone applications, you’ll rest be free from searching for other video streamlining services.


  • Check what’s on Netflix and along with new series
  • Helps search the cinema near you with show timings
  • Lists all the kids’ shows and movies
  • Along with paid subscriptions, there’s also a free streaming facility 
  • Watchbar feature lets you select from the list of 37 providers and helps them filter from the attributes like movie genre and release year
  • Exceptional Search Engine with 60, 000+ helps search movies and listed TV shows along with their synopsis, trailers, cast, ratings
  • Streamline information for upcoming and shows
  • Updates you with a daily list of news shows and release timings on different streaming channels
  • Lets you know where to watch the most popular series
  • Lets you enjoy everyday best deals on watching the shows online
  • Users can create an account to synchronize their watchlist on their iPhone devices


It’s a reminder app that reminds the users of the tasks listed. It’s one of the top free iPhone apps you can install to repeatedly get the reminders of the task that you have to do. We bet that the app won’t let you forget anything important. The app helps you set reminders and postponing them according to your needs.


  • Developed with clever time picker and natural date parsing feature
  • Persistent and effective for Auto Snooze on set intervals
  • Quick reminder set and postpone option
  • Countdown timers help you ease quick tasks like brewing coffee and boiling the eggs
  • Powerful recurring reminder options to set reminders apart from daily and weekly reminders
  • Categorized as one of the best iOS apps for keeping reminders in sync
  • Accessible to everyone

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