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Homy Full Protection Kit for New MacBook Pro 16 inch (2019-2020)

blue light filter macbook

Anti Blue Light Screen Protector for MacBook Pro 15″ (2016-2019) 2Pack

anti blue protection accessories macbook

Anti Blue Light Screen Protector for MacBook Pro 13″ (2016-2019) 2Pack

macbook air keyboard cover touch bar

Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector Kit for MacBook Air 13″ Retina (2017 or Earlier) 2Pack

macbook air cover

Anti Blue Light Screen Protector for MacBook Air 13″ Retina (2018-2019) 2Pack

anti blue screen protector 156"

Anti Blue Light Screen Protector for 15.6 inch Widescreen Laptop (2Pack)

14.0 inch screen protector

Anti Blue Light Screen Protector for 14.0 inch Widescreen Laptop (2Pack)

14.0 inch screen protector

Anti Blue Light Screen Protector for 11.6 inch Widescreen Laptop

blue light filter iphone xr

Anti Blue Light Screen Protector for iPhone XR (6.1 inch) 2Pack

iphone x/xs screen protector

Anti-Blue Light 3D Screen Protector Kit for iPhone X / Xs (5.8 inch) 2Pack

xs max screen protector

Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector Kit for iPhone Xs Max (6.5 inch) 2Pack

iPhone 11

Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector for iPhone 11 (6.1 inch) 

Anti Blue Light Paperfeel Screen Protector Kit for iPad 10.2

Anti Blue Light Paperfeel Screen Protector Kit for iPad 10.9 Air / 11 Pro

Some facts about harmful blue light exposure:

What is blue light?

Visible light covers the range from 380 nm to 780 nm and UV light falls just beyond the shorter end of the visible spectrum, so it’s invisible to the human eye.

Blue light, which is part of the visible light spectrum, reaches deeper into the eye and its cumulative effect can cause damage to the retina. Furthermore, in certain wavelengths, blue light is implicated in the development of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

The amount of exposure to blue light varies, depending on the time of day, the location and the season. The average proportion of blue light that’s found in sunlight during the day is between 25% to 30%. Even on a cloudy day, up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays can pass through the clouds.

Blue light retinal injury

Blue light contributes about 90% of the risk of photochemical retinal damage from fluorescent lamps and sunlight, which is why the term “blue light hazard” is used to describe this risk.

When blue light is absorbed by retinal tissue it induces oxidative stress and the causes the formation of indigestible debris which accumulates in the outer retina.

The cumulative effect of chronic, sub-lethal oxidative retinal stress and the accumulation of oxidative debris in the outer retina contributes to the development of AMD.

Macular degeneration is not curable

In ophthalmology, blue light is a high-frequency light in the violet/blue band from 400nm to 500nm in the visible spectrum.

Frequent exposure to it can easily cause macular degeneration, which cause permanent damages that can potentially leas to blindness.

UV rays, which range from 300nm to 400nm, are the leading cause of eye maladies such as cataract.

Medical studies prove that blue light to increased risk for cancer

Study after study has linked working the night shift and exposure to light at night to several types of cancer (breast, prostate), diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. It’s not exactly clear why nighttime light exposure seems to be so bad for us.

But we do know that exposure to light suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythms, and there’s some experimental evidence (it’s very preliminary) that lower melatonin levels might explain the association with cancer.

Even dim light can interfere with a person’s circadian rhythm and melatonin secretion. A mere eight lux – a level of brightness exceeded by most table lamps and about twice that of a night light—has an effect, notes Stephen Lockley, a Harvard sleep researcher.

Light at night is part of the reason so many people don’t get enough sleep, says Lockley, and researchers have linked short sleep to increased risk for depression, as well as diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

Studies prove that blue light might cause insomnia and disrupt biological clock

Study done by researchers at Harvard University indicates that using smart phones, tablets, or laptops prior to going to sleep throws the body’s biological clock, the circadian rhythm, out of rhythm.

As a result not only does sleep quality suffer but research also shows that it may contribute to the causation of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Exposure to light suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythms. There is experimental evidence the lower melatonin levels might explain the association with cancer.

Professor Richard Funk, a Famous German ophthalmologist, had his report Blue light can Seriously Threaten Retinal Neurons published by the European Journal of Neuroscience in August 2011.

The report pointed out that continuous exposure of blue light, especially the light of LED lamps, smart phones, and computer screens, which contain large amounts of high-energy shortwave blue light with irregular frequencies will cause vision problems.

Blue light is more harmful to those already with myopia

For those that already victims of myopia, staring at monitor screen for an extended period of time creates an even higher risk of contract.

Frequent usage of 3C products will increase the aging of your eyes. Through frequent usage of 3C products, for example, by the time you are 30 years old, your eyes resemble that of a 70 year old person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the screen cover protect my screen from damage?

Our anti-fingerprint and scratch resistance coating keeps screen clean and scratch-free.

Can you use alcohol to clean it?

This screen protector can be clean with alcohol wipes or pads with no issues.

How do I remove the screen protector? Are there specific instructions to remove the protector without damaging my phone?

Normally the screen protector can be peeled off by starting at one end and lifting it with your finger nail. You may have to clean the screen with the cleaning wipes or solution once you remove the screen protector.

Is it glass?

No, it’s a multilayer Korean film with good protection. Real glass will prevent close your Mac. Note it, please.

What’s the differnce between early eye protection and earlier full protection?

“eye protection” include professional anti blue light protection filters (2), key cover (1) and web camera cover (1).

“full protection” contain screen clear protectors (2) instead anti blue light filters (its thinner and protect against scratches and dust), also key cover (1), web camera cover (2), trackpad cover (1) and dust plugs (1)

Does it block UV?

Yes, there was two type of test:

– solarometer Detection: 100% rays blocked,

– intense Light Detection: 75% rays was blocked.

Is there a huge difference between the full protection and eye protection? If so does the eye protection give more benefits?

Full protection kit is to protect your device from spills, dust, and damage. The anti-blue protector kit relieves eye-strain and insomnia, blocks blue light and reduces visible glare and reflection. So the first one cares for your device against the second one cares more about your eyes.

I did receive wrong screen protector how can I return it?

We would draw attention, our products are delivered by Amazon services and Amazon is responsible for the fulfillment experience. So please make a return using Amazon services and after getting money back you can buy the item you need. Here links that could assist you and

Do you have exact instructions on how to glue protection?

Sure, Here you can find exact instructions for your protection kit.